Ask J – I Am Feeling Empty


Feeling Empty


Hello J. Kyle, I have two questions that I definitely need your help with.

1. What is the purpose of my life? I have a good life, but there is still some emptiness.

2. Is it possible to change a great, but stingy and a bit selfish boyfriend into a generous one?

Lonette M. – Cavan, Ireland



Hello Lonette,

I understand the emptiness that you feel. No matter what you have accomplished in life, if you are not doing that “thing” that only you can do the empty feeling never goes away. There are a myriad of choices but only you know what choice is right for you. Go here for more detail.

As far as your boyfriend, I have to give you a resounding “NO” you cannot change him. The only person you can change is you; however, in your relationship, you can change your response to his selfish nature.

The choice is yours. Be the generous person you want him to be and hope that he gets it or consider finding someone new. I don’t want to sound harsh but this is your life and you get to choose who’s in it. You should never allow a person to treat you worse than you would treat yourself. If a generous, loving relationship is what you seek, than accept nothing less than that.

Talk to him. Explain how you feel and give him the chance to change. If you are as important in his life as he is to yours than it should not be a problem. Don’t assume that he knows what your angst is. We (men) are not that bright when it comes to detecting what women are thinking.