abundance“Abundance and prosperity are creations of God; poverty and lack are creations of men.”

How to Have More Abundance in Your Life

When you read biblical text, you will see that mankind was born into a world of abundance. How then is it possible that poverty and lack pervades our everyday existence?

The concept of how to create an abundant life that I will be discussing here is not based on theory. I am going to use my own life as testimony that a life abundant in all things is not only possible but a reality. However, it begins first in the mind.

Here’s the formula for manifesting an abundant life: mind + emotion + action = manifestation or your reality. Look around you, any and everything that you see has followed this process.

A few years ago I had the pleasure of consulting with a very important international figure whose child was afflicted with a severe illness. This gentleman challenged me on the concept of manifestation. ”My child did not ask for this illness so how come he has it?” he asked. “No he did not”, I replied. “However, he did not ask to be here either. Your child is a manifestation of you and your wife. The possibility of having a healthy child is 97%. However, there is a 3% chance you won’t, that 3% amounts to about 150,000 newborns in America with a birth defect each year”. I said no more than that and neither did he on that subject.

Abundancean extremely plentiful or over-sufficient quantity or supply>

When one discusses abundance, the conversation is usually about money. Well I would like to offer a different meaning to abundance. You see, you will feel abundant to the degree that you feel you lack anything from the core needs of life. However, abundance simply is having enough to fulfill your needs and help with the needs of others. And, you are abundant to the degree that you are experiencing peace, health, and plenty in your world. How does that sound? Not too complicated huh?

When I look at the world, It appears to be unbalanced in terms of abundance. But when you take a look at the dispersion of wealth, you will see that if those who have share with those who have not, it all balances out. Now I understand that you cannot throw money at poverty, you can provide other resources, teach a man to fish concept.

One important note that you must grasp is that you will receive to the degree that you are willing to give. I will cover this in a later article.

On With The Show

Did you ever wonder why in our school system we don’t teach truth, life skills, or things other than how to get a job? It is quite amazing that our antiquated teaching is based upon outdated thoughts. For instance, the first law of economics is “lack” or that there simply does not exist an abundance of resources.

I was not given the idea of abundance in my youth. In fact, it was the exact opposite. With that being said, it was not surprised that I had accomplished little as a young adult.

I somehow inherently believed that abundance was a possibility because I had this nagging feeling (intuition) that it existed. I began searching for something that would lead me to it not only because of me but also because I was left with a small son to raise and educate. Since I had little to no training for work and no means of income, I would have given almost anything to have known about the power of abundance thinking that I have now.

I wrestled with life through depression, loneliness, financial lack. At the moment of despair and feeling like a complete failure, I was ready to quit and get out of the game.

It seemed like the entire world was against me and that everything I tried went wrong. But with my son to provide for, I could not settle for anything less than abundance in every area of my life. I had to keep fighting for his sake, my son’s sake, and now for yours.

I won’t get into the specifics here, but how I went from the brink of suicide to living an abundant and successful life can be found here: The Tao of You.

Finally, when I was at my lowest ebb emotionally, physically, and financially, I discovered the power of thought as an instrument for abundance or lack. I realized that lack is the result of lack thinking. I learned that the right use of my mind could become the key to healthy, happy, abundance filled, successful living.

As soon as I had grasped this wonderful success secret, the tide of abundance began to change for me. If you are struggling with lack in any area of your life or wanting to simply improve your life; I implore you to check out The Tao of You.

The World You Live In

You live in a world of abundance! There exists a Force or Power that has brought, and is continually bringing, all things into expression in material form. Once you wrap your mind around this and live in the realization of your oneness with this Force or Power, you become a magnet to attract a constant supply of whatever things you desire.

If you hold yourself in the thought of poverty or lack, you will experience just that, and the chances are that you will remain in poverty. However, if you hold within yourself continually in the thought of abundance, You set into operation forces that will sooner or later bring you into abundance. And, it matters not what your present conditions may be.

The law of attraction works constantly throughout the universe, and the one great and never-changing fact in connection with it is that like attracts like. If you are one with The Source (call it what you wish) of all things, then to the degree that you live in the wisdom of this oneness do you realize in yourself a power that will bring to you an abundance of all things that is desirable to you. In this way you come into possession of a power whereby you can create at all times those conditions that you desire.

As all truth exists now, and awaits simply your perception of it, so all things necessary for present needs exist now, and await simply the power in you to get them. You were born with access to all things in this world. Simply acknowledge this in all your ways, and to the degree that you do this, to the degree that you live this, then what belongs to the Universal Source is yours. Quote – “He giveth to all men liberally and upbraideth not. He giveth liberally to all men who put themselves in the right attitude to receive from Him. He forces no good things upon anyone”.

The old and somewhat prevalent idea of godliness and poverty has absolutely no basis for its existence, and the sooner you get away from it the better. It had its birth in the same way that the idea of religious self-denial came into existence. When the idea prevailed that there was a “religious warfare” between the flesh and the spirit. It had its origin therefore in the minds of those who had a distorted, a one-sided view of life.

True godliness is in a sense the same as true wisdom. If you are truly wise, and use the forces and powers with which you are endowed, the great universe always opens her treasure-house to you. The supply is always equal to the demand; however, equal to the demand when the demand is rightly, wisely made. When you come to the realization of these higher laws, then the fear of lack ceases to oppress you.

Missed an opportunity? Let the fear that you will not get another take hold of and dominate you, and the chances are that it may be a long time before you will get another. Or the one that you do get may be a very poor one indeed.

Whatever the circumstances, you must realize that you have within you forces and powers that you can set into operation that will triumph over any and all apparent or temporary losses.

Set these forces of abundance into operation and you will then be placing a magnet that will draw to you an opportunity that may be far better than the one you have lost, and the time may soon come when you will be even thankful that you lost the old one.

As Above So Below

Recognize, working in and through you, the same Infinite Power that creates and governs all abundance in the universe, the same Infinite Power that governs the endless systems of worlds in space.

Send out your thought. Thought is a force, and it has power of unknown proportions when rightly used and wisely directed. Send out your thought that the right situation or the right work will come to you at the right time, in the right way, and that you will recognize it when it comes. Hold to this thought, never allow it to weaken, hold to it, and continually water it with firm expectation.

You in this way put your advertisement into a psychical, a spiritual internet, an internet that has unlimited connections, and one that will make its way not only to the utmost bounds of the earth, but of the very universe itself. It is an advertisement, moreover, which if rightly placed on your part, will be far more effective than any advertisement you could possibly place online, no matter what claims are made in regard to its being “the great advertising medium”. In the degree that you come into this realization and live in harmony with the higher laws and forces, to that degree will you be able to do this effectively and enjoy abundance in all areas of your life.

When an opportunity of abundance comes and it does not prove to be exactly what you want, then take the attitude of mind that this situation is the stepping-stone that will lead you to one that will be better. Hold this thought steadily, affirm it, believe it, expect it, and all the time be faithful, absolutely faithful to the situation in which you presently find yourself. If you are not faithful to it then the chances are that it will not be the stepping-stone to your desired abundance, but to something worst.

The True Law of Abundance

This is the true law of abundance: When apparent adversity comes, be not cast down by it, but make the best of it, and always look forward for better things, for conditions of more abundance. To hold yourself in this attitude of mind is to set into operation subtle, silent, and irresistible forces that sooner or later will materialize from that which is today merely an idea. Ideas have power, and ideas, when rightly planted and rightly tended, are the seeds that sprout material conditions of abundance.

Furthermore, never give a moment to complaint, but utilize the time that would otherwise be spent in this way in looking forward and manifesting the conditions of abundance you desire.
Suggest abundance to yourself. See yourself in a condition of abundance. Affirm that you will be in a condition of abundance. Affirm it calmly and quietly, but strongly and confidently. Believe it!, believe it absolutely. Expect it!, keep it continually watered with expectation. You thus make yourself a magnet to attract the abundance that you desire.

Don’t be afraid to suggest, to affirm these things, by doing so you put forth an ideal which will begin to clothe itself in material form. In this way you are utilizing agents among the most subtle and powerful in the universe.

If you are particularly desirous for anything that you feel is good and right for you, something that will broaden your life or that will increase your usefulness to others, simply hold the thought that at the right time, in the right way, and through the right means, there will come to you or there will open up for you the way whereby you can attain the abundance you desire.

A Word of Warning

Don’t fold your hands and expect to see things drop into your lap, but set into operation the higher forces and then take action on the ideas that pop up. Do what your hands find to do, and do it well.

If this work is not thoroughly satisfactory to you, then affirm, believe, and expect that it is the means that will lead you to something better. The basis for attracting the best that the world can give to you is first to surround, own, and live in these things in your mind, or what is falsely called imagination.

All so-called imaginings are realities and forces of unseen elements. Live mentally in a palace and gradually palatial surroundings will gravitate to you, so long as living is not pining, or longing, or complainingly wishing. Abundant, mental living is when you are “down in the world”, calmly and persistently seeing yourself as up. It is when you are now compelled to eat from a tin plate, regarding that tin plate as only the certain step to one of gold. It is not envying and growling at other people who have gold plates. That growling is just so much capital stock taken from the bank account of mental force.

I find it amazing that in every economic situation, including the Great Depression, someone experiences great abundance. When you are in the arms of the bear (lack, trouble, decline), even though he is hugging you, look him in the face and laugh, but all the time keep your eye on the bull (abundance, peace, growth).

If you allow all of your attention to be given to the work of the bear, the bull may get entirely out of your sight. In other words, if you yield to adversity the chances are that it will master you, but if you recognize in yourself the powers of mastery over conditions, adversity will yield to you, and will be changed into abundance.

If you are ever staring down adversity in any area of your life, calmly and quietly recognize it, and use the time that might otherwise be spent in regrets, fears, and forebodings, in setting into operation the powerful forces within you, it will soon take its leave.

Creating Miracles

Faith, absolute dogmatic faith, is the only law of true abundance. When you recognize the fact that you carry your success or failure within you, and that it does not depend upon outside conditions, you will come into the possession of powers that will quickly change outside conditions into means that make for abundance.

When you come into this higher realization and bring your life into complete harmony with the higher laws, you will then be able to focus and direct the awakened interior forces that will go out and return overloaded with the abundance for which they are sent. You can then establish within yourself a center so strong that instead of running to and fro for this or that, you can stay at home and draw to you the conditions you desire. If you firmly establish and hold to this center, things will, miraculously, seem continually to come your way.

The majority of people of this world are looking for things that are practical and that can be utilized in everyday life. The more carefully we examine the laws underlying the great truths we are considering, the more we shall find that they are not only eminently practical, the only practical things there are.

Abundance is the law of the universe, an abundant supply for every need if nothing is put in its way. The natural and the normal life for us is to have such a fullness of life and power by living continually in the realization of our oneness with the Infinite Life and Power.

We find ourselves in the constant possession of an abundant supply of all things needed not by hoarding, but by wisely using and ridding ourselves of things as they come. An ever renewing supply will be ours, a supply far better adapted to present needs than the old could possibly be.

In this way we not only come into possession of the richest treasures of the Infinite Good ourselves, but we also become open channels through which they can flow to others. And that my friend is how abundance is balanced throughout this world.