The 7 Golden Rules of Success

The 7 Golden Rules, Principles, or Universal Laws of Success

The 7 Golden Rules of Success“We live in a world that was created and is maintained by the unified working of a diversity of natural, interdependent laws. Despite the vast collection of artifacts, ideas, scientific discoveries about these natural laws, we’ve yet to understand how they link to one another to form a whole entity that can be used in the creation of success process.

Whatever your perception of the world is, it does not change the reality of these diverse and interdependent laws. Your goal is to understand them and learn how to use them to create your designed life. Every aspect of your life is controlled by these laws. Wisdom comes from the unity and understanding of these laws.”J. Kyle Howard

Before I reveal what these 7 golden rules are, let’s define a few terms so that we share in an understanding the key concepts. These definitions come from The American Heritage® Dictionary.

  • prin·ci·ples – rules or laws concerning the functioning of natural phenomena or mechanical processes
  • rules – principles or conditions that customarily governs behavior
  • law – A code of principles or rules based on morality, conscience, or nature

As you can see, the above words are interchangeable to some degree. Also, keep in mind that the 7 golden rules or principles I will be revealing have been observed by man but in no way created by man, much similar to the concepts of electricity or gravity.

  1. The Golden Rule of Psychokinesis
  2. The Golden Rule of Correspondence
  3. The Golden Rule of Vibration
  4. The Golden Rule of Opposition
  5. The Golden Rule of Rhythm
  6. The Golden Rule of Cause & Effect
  7. The Golden Rule of Gender

These 7 golden rules or great Principles will be discussed and explained at length in the links above.  A very important point to remember is that all 7 golden rules or principles are interrelated.

It is necessary that you gain an understanding of and master these principles. A new world of your choosing awaits you if you do.

How will these principles or 7 golden rules help me?

I am so glad that you asked. I want you to picture yourself as a mad scientist and your life will be your Frankenstein except you are not creating a monster. You are creating your desired life. The success of this project, your life, has some limitations imposed upon it by nature. By working within these limitations and using them to your advantage, you practically ensure your success.

For instance, Orville and Wilbur Wright, the Wright brothers, understood the limitations of gravity on their ability to fly (they were bicycle mechanics by the way). They could have strapped feathers to their arms, climbed to the highest mountaintop and jumped. It would not matter whether they believed in gravity’s existence because the end result, that sudden thud of them hitting the ground, would’ve been the same. However, they worked within the confines of gravity and you know the rest of the story…

I say be a mad scientist because when you design your life the way you want it to be, it will be like no other. You can read up on the scientific (self-help) studies, success principles, and philosophies of others. Some will help, some won’t, and some won’t make a difference at all because it is your application within the confines of these 7 principles or 7 golden rules that will determine your outcome.

Will it be easy? That depends upon you. Will it take long? As long as you need it to be, but the rewards will be well worth it.