The Question

The question - Who are you?The Question

Who Are You Really?¬†Generally when you ask someone who they are, the answer is based on what they do. We tend to define who we are and our very unique existence by our group affiliations, race or ethnicity, neighborhood, career choices, etc. But, there’s much more to you than that…

How Many Who’s Are In There?

Take a moment while reading these words and think about who’s doing the reading. On one hand, you are making the effort to keep your attention on the sequence of words as you read. Yet, without your conscious effort or awareness, the meaning of what you are reading is taking place. Elevate these processes into a more complex activity — while you need to think what to eat, you need not think about all the activities required to chew, swallow, and digest your food.

This duality of being into two fundamental sets of functions is the central theme of Self-Knowledge. One part of you is concerned with activities that require directed actions, while the other deals with activities that occur without your attention to them.

I am sure you’ve heard different terms for the above like conscious and subconscious, voluntary and involuntary. I am not so concerned with the labels as I am you understand that these two activities exist.

What Does This Have To Do With Me?

If I asked you for an accurate explanation about how you walk or articulate words, could you do it? Although you may do both of these tasks well, the intricate details of performing these are carried out with little attention on your part. In fact, while you are sitting and reading, you are also breathing, your heart is beating, blood circulating, and many other complicated bodily functions without much direct manipulation from you.

So, what you have is a vast difference in the knowledge and capabilities between the two parts of you. While the willed part needs instructions and is only as good as the instructions it follows, the other part is automatic and directed by an omniscience that directed the formation of your body the moment of conception.

The Question That We Will Answer Together Is?

What if, instead of learning from our environment, we trusted and learned from the omniscience that dwells within and automates our bodily functions? That is, let’s turn our focus of learning from the limited ideas of those around us to the unlimited knowledge of omniscience. In return, the answers to your questions about your life, abundance, the causes of blocks to your success will be solved from within.¬†Besides, who knows you better than you do?

This was the greatest turning point in my life and if you allow me to show you how, you will learn to conquer life to.